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We are all on this sacred path together. Share your stories of healing and heartbreak, of joy and pain and love at first sight to help others learn from your experiences.

I’d love it if you’d share a story of 200 to 1000 words that happened to you or someone you know. (Your post may be edited for content.) We are looking for true, authentic love stories, or inspirational, heartwarming life stories. We want to hear your story to build this community together. Your story can be personal, filled with psychic connection or drama, or ordinary and down-to-earth. Through the lens of psychic experiences and phenomena, there is no such thing as weird, unnatural, abnormal, or creepy in your narrative about your life and love. Know that your story can impact another, lift up the spirits and give hope to those in need. We want to relate and learn from your experience, and uncover beautiful human qualities and love within that grows us wiser.


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meditation insight love knowledge awareness awakening reflection
Insight is the golden road to love It is the fourth day of a ten-day vipassana meditation retreat. Crossing her
Knowledge can change your romantic fate Imagine that you are Helen in the following story: While having a family gathering,
self awareness reflection detachment
The allure of self awareness Have you read my book, The Sacred Path of the Soulmate? If you have, I
friendship secret lifelong romantic love connection
The secret to maintaining a lifelong romantic connection A common online marketing technique is to send something tangible or give
Gerald Sze author sacred path soulmate true romantic love expert
You are the authority (and welcome to my blog!) Welcome to my blog, and to the sacred path of the

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