About Gerald Sze

I’m Gerald Sze, and I want lovers to know that they are not insane when they fall in true romantic love.

I wrote The Sacred Path of the Soulmate because I want to do justice to the experience of true romantic love, which has been misunderstood for centuries by many important thinkers and opinion makers, most recently by scientists and therapists.

My passion in life is to guide you along the spiritual path, using true romantic love as a transformative spiritual experience.

I want lovers to know the difference between true and phantom romantic love, and the difference between love and the much impoverished and all-too-common kind of relationship that I call “relationship employment”—where dating may feel more like a job hunt than a growth experience.

I want to unravel the mysteries of romantic love so that when you fall in love, you can understand what you’re experiencing.

I want you to know true romantic love when you see it—or better yet, feel it.

I want every brave romantic lover to know that you are on a great journey that you won’t regret.

And I want to tell you, you don’t have to be afraid when facing uncertainty and doubt; that your soul will guide you to wherever it is you need to end up.

True love is without borders. True romantic love can indeed conquer the differences in socio-economic class, religion, race, age, and any other human-made barriers because true romantic love is a power that brings out the divine qualities in you.

My journey: discovering a meaningful mission

When I look back at the path I’ve travelled through the creation of my two books, The Sacred Path of the Soulmate and Changing Fate Through Reincarnation, it seems as if this journey was meant to be. I’ve experienced some significant life experiences and events that have shaped my journey in the writing of these books and direct me to my life mission.

Over 30 years ago, less than a week after he passed away, I witnessed my stepfather’s spirit occupy my sister’s body and express his love for my mother (I would be skeptical too—that’s why I share the whole story in my latest book). This event motivated me to research the nature of romantic love, and not only made me believe that there is life after death, but that love and devotion to another person can last after that physical death.

My journey in spirituality began with this event, and I began my studies in “philosophy”, both Western and Eastern philosophy including Buddhism, but then I was spurred on by a mystical experience I had one winter night in 1994. I heard an ethereal voice—seemingly from a spirit, but possibly from inside myself. In the midst of this vision, if you may permit me to call it that, the voice told me that I needed to find something meaningful to do in my life.

These two events, coupled together and stirred by my meetings with a few soulmates of my own, created within me a desire to guide others along the spiritual path, using true romantic love to ignite a spiritual awakening and change the face of the earth.

There are countless events that renew my desire to share a message of love, but two that struck me particularly hard were the events of 9/11 and the ongoing mistreatment of the LGBT+ community. I believe these are caused by a spiritual deficiency in our current worldviews, such as creation, evolution and reincarnation. These worldviews do not inspire their followers to delve into their unconsciousness to transform the dark side in their humanity. When we fully understand how to really love, it becomes impossible not to love, indiscriminately, all people and all kinds of life with whom we share this planet.

This is why I believe the message I am helping to share is so important. If we can change our worldview, explore the depths of our subconscious, and learn how best to love ourselves and others, the world would be a better place.

My involvement with the CPI

I know the world can be a better place, and I want to help make it so. This is why I’m a proud member of the Canadian Peace Initiative (CPI).

The CPI’s message of peace and my message of love go hand in hand. Love without peace is just an empty feeling, and peace without love is just a hollow word.

Peace and love are two sides of the same coin, which is why I invite other peace groups to join me on my mission to spread love, and I invite all the lovers out there to commit themselves to participating in peace. You can learn more here.


My bio

Gerald Sze is an award-winning author and existential spiritual philosopher who has studied and conducted research in the fields of spirituality and existential philosophy for nearly 30 years. His explorations have included Eastern and Western philosophy, divination, and comparative religion, as well as an immersion in Buddhism. The author’s first book, Changing Fate Through Reincarnation won in the Spiritual category at the 2013 London Book Festival and in the Philosophy category of the 2014 Beverly Hills Book Awards.

In 1987, Sze began studying physiognomy and palmistry with a master of Chinese divination in Hong Kong. After returning to Canada, he continued studying and conducting research on the topic of fate, as well as the nature of romantic love, relationships and the spiritual purpose of suffering. His findings are the basis for The Sacred Path of the Soulmate. Sze lives in Vancouver, Canada.

After retiring from a career with the Canada Revenue Agency, Gerald Sze embarked on a film production program to follow his dream of creating films. Upon the completion of a film production program in 2021, Sze undertook further education in photography and videography to continue the development of his artistic vision and skillset. Sze volunteers in number of local productions.

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