You are the authority (and welcome to my blog!)

Welcome to my blog, and to the sacred path of the soulmate.

Who am I? I have published two books, on the subject of Love and the search for a soulmate. The first is titled Changing Fate through Reincarnation published in 2012, and the second is titled The Sacred Path of the Soulmate published in 2017. I have done extensive research, much personal ‘soul searching’ and spent countless hours on the topic. I ask you: does this make me an authority?

When I looked the word up in an online dictionary, I was given the following definition for the word ‘authority’:

• “the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience (Oxford Dictionary)”

• “to be an expert on a subject” (

Gerald Sze author sacred path soulmate true romantic love expert

While it is true that I have been researching, interviewing, investigating and studying the topics of the concept of fate; romantic love; sexual relationship; suffering and spirituality for the past 25 years, and know more than the average person on the subject, I would submit that I am not an authority.

Why, you ask? Firstly, because all the above concepts relate to one thing – Life. Life embodies many perspectives, and is not in of itself an area where anyone can ‘specialize’. Each individual is the unique ‘creator’ of their own life, and thus they are their own expert. I cannot profess to be an expert on your life.

Secondly, because there is no mechanical or technical instruction manual that can be created for life. We cannot assume that any ‘expert on the subject’ knows more about how we should lead our personal lives than we do. For example: If you consult with a cancer specialist regarding treatment, your doctor will explain to you everything he or she knows about your condition and possible treatments you could consider. Your specialist may suggest that you get a second opinion to ensure that nothing has been missed, and each one may offer advice, but no specialist and no doctor can decide for you how you must proceed. You are your own final expert. No one has authority over your life and how you live it but you. As an expert, I have written about the relationship between true romantic love and spirituality. Doing this does not make me an authority who can tell you how you should live your life. You must decide what feels right and what words are true for the individual that is you.

Thirdly, I simply don’t like being in the role of an ‘authoriy’. It somehow separates me from you, and creates an artificial elevation. I wish to speak to you as a friend and I hope that my voice comes from a place of love and connects with your heart because we are both human and as friends we communicate on the same level.

I want to make this website inclusive and to make it ours. It is our collective voice for the topics of love, spirituality, religion, mortality, fate, romance, sex, relationships, suffering or other pertinent social and life issues. I encourage professionals in the field of spiritual healing, therapy, or life coaching to contribute your experiences and ideas to this website. When readers post then this community will exist, so I encourage you to share your voice and experience with others.

The purpose of this blog is for me to to share my life experiences with you and for you to do the same. I hope that I can learn from you and that you can learn form me. Let’s start our journey today! Go to the submission guideline to find out how you can submit your story, thoughts and experiences.

I find that true love does not have borders, no social economic class distinctions, no barriers of race, ethnicity, age, religion or sexual orientation. True love exists as a bond between humans. I am heterosexual, so my writing reflects this perspective, but it is just my perspective – if you are a member of the LGBT community yours will be different, and that is why you are your own expert. I encourage guest bloggers and readers to write about their life and love experiences from their own view points and sexual orientation.

For my readers who are looking for a love connection: Pay attention to how much your potential love interest desires to plays the role of the authority. His/her attitude and desire about being an authority will tell you something about what kind of relationship material they are.

Further consideration:

“What does the concept of Authority mean to you”?

“Who has the Authority to tell you what to do in Your life?”