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Sacred Path of the Soulmate

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There is a popular saying in the New Age spirituality. There is no past and no future. What we have
  Timing is everything. Do you ever wonder why you met your beloved at a certain time in your life,
You can be God to determine your fate, how? How we understand human nature and life is constrained by the
Would your fate be different if you were the daughter of the richest person in the world as opposed to


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May 31, 2017 – Published on
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I thought I’d heard everything about relationships (having read at least a hundred books on the topic, so was surprised to learn some new things. I had come to the conclusion that romantic love was an invention by humans, but the author insists it’s not, and that it’s a vehicle for deep growth, as the love object inspires us to become better, more evolved, willing to make sacrifices, and more open to cosmic love.