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7 reasons your soulmate may not choose to be with you

So you’ve met your soulmate. You’ve only just met and they already feel close to you, like you’ve known each other forever, and your body tingles when you think of them. It’s no wonder you want to be more than friends.

But you should know that these feelings may not turn into a romantic attraction. Even soulmate relationships require the right conditions to transform into romantic love.

To connect with any romantic soulmate, but particularly to experience love at first sight, there must be enough reciprocated romantic attraction to overcome obstacles. Many factors can cause one or both of you to say “not now” to the potential relationship. Let’s look at seven of the most common.

1. Lack of psychic awareness

Recognizing a soulmate requires psychic sensitivity, which is a form of intuition. It’s a direct and inner knowing about the person. Many people are not attuned to their psychic abilities because this psychic awareness is ephemeral, which easily passes through our radar—especially when our minds are distracted.

2. Lack of confidence

Even if you recognize a soulmate, you may not have the courage to encounter them at first. A fleeting meeting may result in nothing more than “the one that got away,” until you cross paths again (in whichever lifetime that may be!). We may also lack courage if we were the “villain” in our past life-romantic connection with this soul.

3. Unfavourable life circumstances

If a person is distracted by something in their life at that moment, they may not be open to interpreting a connection as romantic. Imagine you just came out of a painful divorce and are in no mood to get involved with someone new. The pain from the breakup overshadows the fleeting romantic spark embedded in the encounter.

4. An existing relationship

A person may not be open to another relationship at the time they encounter a soulmate because they are already in one. The energy of attraction requires some level of interpretation, and because you love and care about your current partner, you want to protect the relationship.

5. Lack of readiness

A person may simply not be ready for a relationship at the time they encounter a soulmate so they may ignore this powerful experience. Young men often avoid mature long-term relationships, instead hoping to have as many novel sexual experiences in their youth as possible.

6. Fear

A person is afraid to get involved again if they have not yet dealt with their pain from a previous relationship. Fear is pain, and intense pain may numb the energetic sensation from the higher self. It means people with great pain won’t be aware of their psychic reaction when crossing paths with their soulmate. Severe fear will put a person into survival mode, and happiness will not be in their consciousness.

7. Cultural conditioning

Experiences only exist when we give a label to the occurrences or encounters. Because mainstream Western culture and Christianity lack the concept of love at first sight, the Western mind may not recognize a soulmate when they appear. If the person only learns the concept of infatuation from their culture, then this person is likely to label the feeling of love at first sight as infatuation. Consequently, they may not have the inclination to explore this experience.

It can be incredibly difficult when you recognize that you’ve encountered a soulmate in this lifetime, but they don’t share that awareness or are not free or willing to act on it. If your soulmate chooses not to be with you, don’t worry about letting them go. Think of what they’re saying not as a “no,” but rather “not now.” Remember that connections with your soulmates endure beyond your current life—you’ll meet in another lifetime when you’re both ready.

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