Would it not be nice if we know who we want in our early age?

Did any of my readers know exactly what you want including the kind of partner you want at an early age?

For a few people, life paths are teleological. Teleology is a philosophical concept which means the final cause or purpose exists in life. The teleological story means that some people are aware of who they are and of their life purpose in their youth. They do not need to search for it.

In a teleological story, the life direction of both hero and heroine is from awareness to actualization. I use the term “teleological story” for people living in this kind of mode of awareness. These people are conscious at an early age in the sense that they know who they are and they have a clear idea of what they want to do in life. They dedicate their whole life to serve certain purpose that has already been assigned to them. They direct their passion in a specific direction. An example is the life of Mother Theresa – she knew who she was and exactly what she wanted early in her life.

Here I tell another real life teleological story.

Karen Popoff (with the permission of Ms. Popoff, the real name of a psychic coach) was aware she was able to ‘see things’ before age 5. Karen was pushed by her visions to move to Vancouver in order to find a psychic master to work with her and hone her innate ability. She didn’t know what a psychic was nor did she know where Vancouver was. As a teen Karen honed her psychic abilities by herself and learned all she could about her gifts. All the while she knew she was preparing for her future.

She had planned to move to Vancouver as soon as she could after high school. Her friend Corie was planning to come also. When Corie passed away, Karen was catapulted into motion to go to Vancouver.

When Karen arrived in Vancouver she began looking for a mentor. At that time, Faye Fitzgerald (with the permission of Ms. Fitzgerald, the real name of the psychic master) was in Vancouver, however she was not ready to take on her full calling of being a psychic teacher.

Karen spent a few years looking for her. She knew Faye lived somewhere in the Vancouver area and the West End was a prominent location in Karen’s mind to locate Faye. Karen went to see several psychics along the way to see if they were her mentors. One man Karen met confirmed that while he did not know Faye personally, she lived in the West End.

One day a receptionist of a building Karen was at asked if she might be interested in meeting a psychic. The receptionist said that she had a feeling Karen needed to know this person. It was a totally random comment from someone Karen barely knew. This receptionist gave Karen Faye’s name and number.

Karen immediately placed a call to Faye and booked an appointment. When Karen arrived to meet with Faye at her home, she immediately knew Faye was the person whom she was searching for. As Karen entered her home, Faye made a comment that she knew Karen was coming and Faye immediately suggested they work together. Their affiliation began there and they continued working together for many years.

From the perspective of romance, many people know who they don’t want but they have no idea who they do want because few people know who they do want in a relationship. Those few people that know who they really want in a relationship are patiently searching or waiting for ‘the One’, to come into their life and create a romantic reality together.

Further Consideration:

Do you know anyone with a teleological story to tell?

Is your romantic life teleological?  Is there a nagging voice telling you that you are waiting for someone special?