How the choice of worldview shapes your love journey.


Helen, our heroine in previous post has grown up in a family where her mother is a pagan. She believes in witch craft and guardian angels. Her father is a die-hard follower of Catholicism. (What a match!) How Helen defines who she is is intimately shaped by the worldview. Because Helen has conflicting worldviews through which Helen defines who she is, this conflicting worldview would create tension how she experiences love and relationships.

In the next few posts I am going to introduce the concept of worldview, life-story, causal outcome and other concepts because who you think we are and how you observe life is largely shaped by the concepts and theories you are taught. To understand how aforementioned concepts you use to observe love, sex, relationship and spirituality can help you to make sense of what you experience.

In the Sacred Path of the Soulmate, I begin the concept of worldview in chapter one. Worldview is an all encompassing concept which covers topics such as: why we are here, who am I, what is the meaning of life, etc.

Through the concept of worldview, we construct our life story.  Let us imagine the following: we want to tell our love story to our grandchildren in the future. We don’t simply want to tell how we met each other, we want to tell our love story as part of the theme of our life journey.  Our life consists of many events, both significant and trivial. Some people are significant in our lives but many aren’t. We could give a chronicle of our life to our grandchildren but giving a factual account of the sequence of life events is not same thing as telling a story. The difference between chronicle and story is that a story has a motif which links different life events and experiences together with meaning. If you take a course how to write your memoirs, your instructor would ask you to create a theme for your life story.

There are three prevailing worldviews: 1 – the scientific based evolutionary worldview, 2 – the three Abrahamic religions based creation worldview and 3 – the Eastern and Pagan based reincarnation worldview.

The concept of fatalism has no ground in the evolutionary worldview, which is the mother of materialistic science. Fatalism exists in creation worldview in which God pre-determines the fate of every individual before we are born. (For more explanations about how our perception is shaped by our worldview, read chapters 1 and 2 in my first book, Changing Fate Through Reincarnation (CFTR))

The Reincarnation worldview encompasses physical reality but goes beyond materialism. The concept of fatalism does not exist in the reincarnation worldview because reincarnationists believe that there is continuity between lives which is due to karma – cause and effect. The law of karma stipulates that the action we choose will elicit the consequence in this life or in future lives. In CFTR, I modified the concept of karma to include the psychological component of the experience as a part of the consequences which are felt immediately and then carried forward to our future lives. In the modified karmic theory in CFTR, there are two dimensions of effect, the external consequence in which the world reacts to our action and the internal consequence in which is how we react to the action we perform.

If we ask why we met our ex-partner, the materialistic or creation worldview cannot give us a convincing explanation. From the materialistic worldview, the reason we cross paths with our ex-partner is due to chance. From the creation worldview, the explanation is even more unconvincing because it is God’s will decides whom we should meet. Why does God want us to meet our ex and want us suffer in this relationship is beyond our mortal experience.  From the reincarnation worldview, our crossing path with our ex-partner in this current life is due to the karma we co-created with our ex-partner in our past lives. It is our mutual karma that brings us back together to continue where we left off.

In reincarnation worldview, suffering and pain in love relationships has meaning. The purpose of our rebirth is to learn the life and moral lessons that we failed to learn in our past lives. The Reincarnation worldview gives us hope because we are not fated to be unhappy. Although we cannot control the external world, we can command how we want to experience life and love. For example if we suffer because our ex-partner dumps us for someone else, we could dwell on the pain of the heartbreak or we could use that same negative energy to propel us to grow and change. Because of the negative experience created by this jerk who dumped us, we become a better human. Consequently, we meet the perfect partner that we never dreamed of finding. If this happens, should we not thank our ex-partner for dumping us? More, our ex-partners become the problem of their new lovers. This is something we may consider to celebrate.J

For the readers who are looking for love, be aware of why your potential love interest chooses a certain worldview as their basis of understanding for who they are.

Further Consider:

What is your worldview?

Why do you choose certain worldview to construct your life experience?