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Here’s What true romantic love actually looks like

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What is true romantic love?

What is true romantic love? It is the little life moments we spend together with our partners that warm our hearts. These make love romantic.

Love is romantic when you have no interest in an activity like whale watching, but you smile when you see how much your partner enjoys watching whales swim wild and free in the ocean. Just being in the moment with your partner is all you want.

Love is romantic when you lose your breast to cancer and your partner kisses the surgical scar and says you will always be the most beautiful person in the world to them. Their devotion makes you feel safe and protected.

Love is romantic when your mother dies, and your partner holds you while you cry for three hours.

Love is romantic when you are angry because your boss has blamed you for something you didn’t do, and your partner listens while you rant. Their look of acceptance and sympathy melts your heart.

Love is romantic when the family is getting bigger and your partner suddenly loses their appetite for pricey Starbucks coffee and takes on a second, part-time job. All they want is for you and your family to have the best.

Love is romantic when you forget your sneakers on a trip, and your partner walks with you for hours in a Burmese night market so you can find the right size of shoe.

Love is romantic when your partner cuts your hair for you for 40 years because you’ve never found anyone who cuts it as well as they do. The softness in their hands and their breath on your neck are all you can feel in this moment.

Love is romantic when your lover sees how much pain you carry inside your heart that you cannot share with anyone else and suffers quietly with you so that you can heal. You know they will be there for you no matter what happens.

What makes love romantic? Love is romantic when both you and your partner are hungry and there is only one banana, and each of you offers it to the other.

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