How many and when we meet our romantic partners is determined by karma

Readers may wonder how the concepts of emerging and teleological stories relate to romantic love. For many of us, one of the most impactful themes in our personal life story is love. How we experience life and who we are is strongly shaped by how we experience love, especially romantic love. For most of us in the emerging story, romantic love appears random. We need to endure several relationships to find out who we are. There appears to be no logical reason why a number of individuals appear in our life and why they come in a specific sequential order. Yet, if we see beyond our biases, prejudices and pains, and if we develop insight, we may discover something fascinating: that the romantic partners who enter our lives at a certain moment help us to discover who we are and to learn integral life lessons.

Alain in “Essay of Love” has a point – it is true that some of us don’t know whom we loved most until we are close to death. There is always an exception. Few people clearly know who their life long romantic partners are when they meet at a younger age. Their lives evolve around this particular person and the relationship that they create together. Their lives are deeply intertwined and their partners are the centre of their attention, which makes everyone else become the supporting cast in their love dramas.

Although romantic teleological story appears fated, what the couple experiences is a karmic effect that they planted in their past lives. It is important to be aware that the concept of fatalism does not exist in the reincarnation worldview due to the law of karma. While God may very well exist, reincarnationists politely ask that God allow humans to act autonomously. What happens behind bedroom doors is not God’s business. It is the human agency together with chance, external conditions and karma that creates relationships.

Romantic love with a particular person is not a meaningless psychological state which comes and goes like an ocean tide. We carry the energy that we create with our partner even when a relationship ends in heartbreak. The duration of a relationship may not be insignificant in some cases. Every relationship has its own karmic lesson and timing. Although we have no control over the outcome of our love story, we can control how we give our story meaning.

Within the reincarnation worldview, we continue to cross paths with people with whom we have had relationships in our past lives in order to continue where we left off. Consequently, I hope my readers encourage their grandchildren to trust their intuition when they fall in love at first sight. This kind of intuition is possible in the reincarnation worldview if the person whom you meet is your soulmate. Keep this in mind, meeting your soulmates does not mean you are going to have happy-ever-after soulmate story. The process will depend on what stage of development we are at. If we are at early stage of development, meeting our soulmate is the beginning of hell. Don’t discount this experience as it is not true romantic love. Please don’t ignore the negative romantic experience. There may be a life lesson that you need to learn from a painful relationship before the happy relationship that is waiting for you.

Because the karmic force interacts with the external environment, our lives are bound by these two forces, however, within these two forces we have a choice about how we want to experience life. More, we can actually have power to influence our life-path. The secret is the awareness of becoming now. With the power of becoming now, we can reshape our past life programming to create the new identity that we inspire to.

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