The allure of self awareness

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The allure of self awareness

Have you read my book, The Sacred Path of the Soulmate? If you have, I imagine you’ll have had some reactions to it. But do you know that your reaction to every word in the text is not only about me, but also about you? Each person reads the same text, but responds to the same words differently. Some like what they read and some hate it with a passion. Why? Because we do not just passively read the words, but rather we actively interpret what we read based on our experiences, attitudes, values, beliefs, and concepts learned in the past.

Your reaction to the external world is the best source of information about who you are. To grow requires knowing yourself, and why you have become the person you are. Reflecting on your emotional, mental and behavioral reactions in any given situation will not only help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, it will improve the quality of your relationships with others.

Gaining self-awareness requires training. Let me suggest some methods that you can consider.

There are four aspects of your existence that you will need to pay attention to:

1. Thought

2. Emotion

3. Body

4. Intuition

To be self-aware requires knowledge and I urge readers to actively engage in a lifetime of learning. There are different sources of learning: reading, listening, observing, reflecting, discussion and sharing your experiences with others. The more knowledge you have, the deeper your insight will become about why you are the person you are; what you need in your relationships; why others have become the way they are and how to help them to become more open and inclusive of you and others in their lives. This is called emotional intelligence.

I believe that humanistic development is an ongoing process, and that it is paramount to develop good reading habits. Reading good books and articles is essential for growth, so in this website I will recommend some books and other material for readers. To optimize personal growth I strongly recommend that you form a study and development group with other like-minded individuals who also want to find a deep meaning in their personal and especially in their romantic relationships. In this group I encourage you create a safe environment where all can share and challenge each other using different mediums such as books, movies or songs to stimulate discussion.

I would also recommend that you invite a professional who may be a counselor, life coach, psychic healer, or some other expert to be a resident adviser for the group. I believe that the group will benefit enormously in the long-run if the founder of each discussion group has the guidance of a professional competent in topics such as relationships, healing, or therapeutic advice.

With this objective in mind, this website and its related Facebook page are intended to be the meeting place for readers who want to create a discussion group along with related professionals who would like to volunteer their time and experience. Visit my Facebook page to join the community and form your group. When the traffic has built up, I will also create a meet-up page where professionals and readers can engage to create your discussion group.

What inspired me to write The Sacred Path of the Soulmate was my suffering in life. I came to realize that heartbreak is not an individual challenge, but rather it is a significant social problem that affects many aspects of a community. Based on my research on the concept of fate, I don’t believe that we are fated to be unhappy, I believe that the reason so many of us have so much suffering when we search for love is due to inadequate access to knowledge and information as we mature.

I have decided to team up with like-minded people to create a social movement that promotes the inclusion of education about love and self-awareness as a part of high-school curriculum. Please join this movement by signing the e-petition on this website. Your support for this movement will bring peace and harmony to the future generation and the community.

For my readers who are seeking a love connection: Pay attention to how self-aware your potential love interest is. The more self-awareness, the better chance that your potential partner will grow and develop with you together.

Bon Voyage!

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